Why Bobbey Is Better

We are obsessed with feet, but not in that weird kind of way.

Our socks are made in the USA at a family-owned mill that has been in business for over 50 years. We started out making socks with the figure skater in mind. That means we needed them to last through super sharp skate blades, freezing cold temperatures, tight-fitted hard leather boots and tons of sweat!

Our socks are no joke - they will stay with you through thick and thin. From the cold ice rink to the humid skate park to the office, our socks rise to just about every occasion.

The Arch Nemesis of Hosiery

Super Soft Seamless Toe and Hole Resistant

Non-Slip Band

Premium Machine Washable Yarn

Super stretchy and won't lose shape

Inspired by Ice Skaters

Sweat Wicking