What socks should ice skaters wear on their feet?

What socks should ice skaters wear on their feet?

What is the Merino Wool Skater Crew and what should skaters wear on their feet?

Here at Bobbey, we started with a simple idea of improving the sock we wear in our boots when ice skating. If you spend a lot of time at the rink, you might often see the first mistake new skaters make is what they wear on their feet. Especially if these beginner skaters are wearing rental skates, their skating experience often ends in many blisters and discomfort. The sock you are wearing in your boot is just as important as the quality of your skate boot. A good sock could mean being able to skate for hours in comfort while a bad sock could mean rubbing, pain and irritation after just 15 minutes on the ice.

Let’s talk socks.

One of the most popular sock choices is a thin knee-high stocking or dare we say it, barefoot! Although barefoot might be the most comfortable to some skaters, it can do a lot of damage to the interior leather of the skate boot especially if you are training for multiple hours without airing out your skate boot. The moisture left inside of the skate boot from skating without socks can break down the leather much quicker. This will decrease the life of your boots. The thin knee-high stocking is thin enough to not really feel it inside of the boot, but it doesn’t offer much more function than that. They often end up with holes by the toes or heels quickly, take a long time to dry out and tend to leave moisture behind in the boot. Lastly, a lot of beginner skaters make the mistake of wearing regular, everyday socks with their skates. A skate boot is very tight-fitting. There is no extra space to fit in your thick and cushioned socks. This will cause a lot of pain and discomfort right off the bat with your toes being jammed inside the toe box of the boot.

Enter the Merino Wool Skater Crew.

We wanted to address all of the problems and discomforts of the classic sock being worn by skaters. Not only did we address these problems, but we are doing it with a far superior material than most socks on the market. Merino wool is the best natural technical fabric out there, especially for athletes performing in cold climates. With our Merino Wool Skater Crew, we address the issues of durability, smell, drying speed and comfort by using this sustainable fabric.

Durability: Our sock is a touch thicker than your average skating sock and it will allow you to go much longer without getting holes by the toes or heels.

Smell: One of the most popular reasons athletes benefit most from using merino wool is that the natural, breathable fabric does not trap in any odors. For skaters who are wearing socks on their feet hours on end and daily, a fabric that is breathable and won’t smell after one use is a necessity. Socks made mostly of synthetic fibers are not breathable fabrics. This is why they often smell just after one use and you find yourself constantly washing your socks. Our merino wool socks cut down on the amount of times needed to wash. A simple airing out is all that is needed to keep these socks fresh.

Drying Speed: The quick-drying feature of these socks is incomparable to other socks out there. The fact that you can air these out in between sessions and they will be dry for your next use is a miracle. This is another benefit merino wool has to offer.

Seem too good to be true? Get a pair and try for yourself. We’ve had full-time coaches and professional skaters try these socks out in a trial period. They confirmed all of the claimed benefits of this miracle material. You will see the immediate difference between socks made of synthetics and those of natural materials.

Educating yourself on the gear you are wearing everyday is pivotal to your performance and overall comfort while training.
The value you will receive from investing in high quality training gear is worth every single penny. Start with your socks. Choosing low-quality, non-technical gear to skate in is like having your hair-tie break at the beginning of every single skating session. Talk about frustration!