How To Style Work-From-Home Outfits (With Socks!)

How To Style Work-From-Home Outfits (With Socks!)

Just because you work from home, doesn’t mean you are wearing your PJs all day. Although, PJs on Friday are totally acceptable. Putting thought into your daily outfits even though your home office might be right across the way from where you sleep actually increases productivity and boosts your mood. Shoes might not really be a thing when it comes to putting together your WFH outfit, but socks can be!

Here are our 5 favorite ways to style socks for a great work-from-home outfit!


1. Socks with Slides

Slides are a great shoe for any WFH outfit because they are comfortable, functional and appropriate for walking around your house. 


2. Socks with Slippers

There are plenty of slippers on the market now that might actually be more of a luxury house shoe. Pair these with a sock to create a chic WFH look that is refined yet fun.


3. Just Socks

One of the beauties of working from home is that we might not even need to wear shoes at all! This makes our sock choice even more important. Pick a super comfortable sweat-wicking sock that you can sport all day. 


4. Pop Of Color Socks

If you are skipping the shoes for your WFH outfit, bring a colorful and playful element to your outfit by choosing color for your socks. 


5. Matching Socks

Tie in the color of your socks with the rest of your outfit. Try a plum top with matching plum (link) colored socks. Just a small detail like this can make you feel really put together and help you tackle the day head on. 

It’s so important to stay consistent with daily habits that boost productivity and happiness even when we are working from home. Putting together our daily outfits is one of them and definitely something we can have some fun with--  especially when socks are involved.