Don't Skate Barefoot! Try our Skater Crew Instead

Don't Skate Barefoot! Try our Skater Crew Instead

The most particular skaters end up skating barefoot and for good reasons. The figure skate boot is so tightly fitted especially if they are custom made for your foot and some skaters just can't handle fitting a pair of socks in there when real estate inside the boot is so limited. A thick sock can literally ruin everything. It can cause blisters and make for a super uncomfortable experience. Especially for new skaters, who usually are screaming of pain after just a few minutes if they are not using the proper equipment.

What's wrong with skating barefoot? Your feet sweat.

When your feet sweat, it leaves moisture inside the boot. The moisture breaks down the material of the boot faster. Meaning you need to replace your skates more often. Nobody likes breaking in new skates.

So what's a better alternative than skating barefoot? Our Skater Crew.

The Skater Crew is the closest you will get to that barefoot feeling inside of your skate boot. It is made of a thin durable nylon and best of all, it is seamless. It almost feels like you are wearing no sock at all. There is no thick seam in the toe area meaning you can wiggle your toes around in your boot without feeling a thing.

If you are just not sure about it and don't think you could ever give up skating barefoot, we dare you to give the Skater Crew a chance!