The Best Everyday Socks

The Best Everyday Socks

Have you been through pair after pair of socks just to find they either don’t stay up, get holes too fast or loose their shape? 

We’ve been there, too.

Nothing can replace that feeling of sliding your feet into a fresh new pair of socks. Even better when they stay in place, wick your sweat away and maintain their shape.

What should you look for when shopping for the perfect everyday sock? More specifically, what makes a great daily sock for women? Here is our short list for the most important features for a killer everday sock:

  • Socks that are the perfect thickness to fit comfortably with a variety of shoes. 
  • Socks that stay up. 
  • Socks that keep their shape. 
  • Socks with a seamless toe for maximum comfort. 
  • Socks that are comfortable. 


At Bobbey, we kept all of this in mind when designing the most perfect daily sock for women. We started with the thickness and knew right from the start we had to find that sweet spot of not too thick and not too thin when perfecting the daily sock. This is the inspiration behind our slim-thick socks. What’s a “slim thick” sock? It’s a sock that falls right in the middle of thick and thin. The thickness of our socks are intentional because we want you to be able to wear them with heels, mules, slide, sandals, sneakers, loafers, ballet flats and every other shoe you have in your collection.


There is nothing worse than a sock that keeps sliding down. It’s uncomfortable and just a nuisance! Our sock design tackles this problem head on and you can finally break up with socks that keep slipping down. Fussing with your socks throughout the day is now a thing of the past.


What about that big baggy mess of a sock at the end of a long day? Not cute. Stretch, pull and tug at our socks and you will be amazed. That is why we dub our socks “the arch nemesis of hosiery”. You can stretch these babies out and they snap right back to their original shape. It’s a miracle!


There is nothing worse than a thick seam rubbing against your toes. It’s uncomfortable and bothersome. That makes for a frustrating sock experience. You want to be able to turn your socks inside out and be able to feel absolutely no thick or obvious seams.


Lastly, COMFORT. Why even bother with a pair of socks if they are not comfortable? There is not much else to say about this except that sore feet are sore losers. We wouldn’t dare make a sock unless it was the most comfortable sock around. Trust us on that. Once you get your hands on our socks, you will feel the super smooth seamless toe and soft premium yarn. We wouldn’t dare cut corners when it comes to comfort. Enjoy the refreshing feeling of slipping on a fresh new pair of Bobbey socks