How To Style Socks With Heels, Sandals & More

How To Style Socks With Heels, Sandals & More

Socks are one of the most underrated fashion accessories.

When styled correctly, they can breathe new life into any old outfit. Socks are a great opportunity to show off your personality while being a very functional and necessary piece of your clothing wardrobe.

Let’s talk about some of our favorite ways to style socks with heels, sandals and flat shoes. 

1) Socks with high heels

Match your socks with the color theme of your outfit or use them as an opportunity for a pop of color. It’s important to choose thin, hosiery-like socks  to ensure maximum comfort inside of a tight fitted shoe like high heels.

2) Socks with sporty sandals

We like to call this look “athletic chic”. Socks are such a fun way to take your casual look to the next level by showing an intentional yet functional fashion choice. Remember to choose a durable sock with some grip  so they don’t slide around and make for a really uncomfortable day.

3) Socks with ballet flats or loafers

We love this look with a clean, ankle-cut trouser or pencil skirt. It’s a great way to keep those ankles warm during cooler months and protect your shoes from sweat. You can spice up any boring office outfit by adding a pop of color with your socks.

4) Socks with sneakers

Pair your favorite chunky sneakers with a cute sock peaking out to complete that ultimate sporty casual look. Be sure to choose a sweat-resistant (link) sock to eliminate stinky sneakers at the end of the day. 

5) Socks with open toed shoes

This is the best way to give seasonal shoes life all year round. Pair them with a pencil skirt or midi-dress for a well-rounded classic yet functional look. 

Check out some visual inspiration over on our Pinterest boards. The sock-styling opportunities are endless!